The institute places utmost importance on quality education and caters to the needs for student learning in modern environment. For this reason, education is not limited to classroom teaching and theoretical philosophies. Instead, we focus and develop on modern facilities and infrastructures that will aid a student in his / her learning process during their association with ICHHAR.

Below are given the infrastructural facilities given to students, in brief:

1. All students enrolled with ICHHAR have complete access to library, that is loaded with excellent reference books, periodicals, journals, and books to provide complete information to learning students. In the vast maze of library, the staff are ever present to guide students in locating and identifying the type of reference material a student would need.

2. ICHHAR has established a wide range of mobile clinics for benefit of the students and by the students.Students can use the mobile clinics for their own practice on natural medicine and also when they themselves need medical attention.

3. There are no limitations on the availability of medicines. ICHHAR has a panel of experienced and trusted doctors of alternate medicines who not only guide the students in their studies but also treat them from ailments. The mobile clinics are applauded by patients all over India mainly due to 2 reasons – for its unparalleled services and secondly, for the reasonable cost of treatments.

4. ICHHAR has well established modern facility for communication. We have built state-of-the-art office premises that contains everything a student would need to communicate with friends and families around the world – computer systems with fastest Internet connection, faxes, printers, and photocopiers. The staff is cordial and helpful towards students in understanding their problems and recommending solutions.

5. Foreign students are given boarding and lodging facilities as well. The institute charges convenient prices for the hostel facility. The environment and structure of hostels are akin to luxury hotel accommodation with access to swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, canteens, Internet cafes, clubhouses and chapel. We take care of their comfort and have done our best in making available the safest environment for the students to live and study.

6. The ICHHAR has numerous rehabilitation centers where the students not only learn about the main theories for healing people but also practice healing methods. It is the right combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The team of experienced healers who constantly monitor the progress of patients and provide permanent solutions to their health problems.