The aims and objectives of the International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Research (ICHHAR) is to alleviate the statues of natural alternative system of healing globally and provide excellent teaching practices to its large base of students. Holistic teaching and engaging students in ethical medical practices is the aim behind this institution.

Quality of Education

Our institute is recognized for imparting high quality of education among its students. We aim to enhance the knowledge base of students and maintain the standard of alternative medical system. The institute tries to increase the level of proficiency among its medical practitioners. Our endeavor is to spread awareness about natural therapies though the mediums of talks, workshops, discussion groups, educational courses, papers, excursions, camps, journals, training, and debates in any natural therapy subject and its allied fields as well.


ICHHAR provides certified permissions (issued by the council) to its registered practitioners with degrees, diplomas or certificate courses accomplished through the institute. Other practitioners having degrees in natural therapy from any branch of study and received award of Registration Certificate will be henceforth known as “Registered Medical Practitioner” (RMP). An RMP authorized practitioner can practice the alternative medicine therapies legally without any barrier.


ICHHAR has a large faculty of teaching and non – teaching staff to adequately organize examinations for all degrees – Ph.D, Masters’, Bachelors’, Diplomas and Certificate. We have our own pre-defined set of rules and regulations, which is must for students and practitioners to follow equally. Furthermore, we take regular initiative in spreading the benefits of natural therapies through print media and electronic media like books, journals and other programs. Apart from natural therapy promotions, we constantly monitor the community health and try to improve their well being.

For communal benefit, we have established proper health care centers, libraries for students, social welfare actions and also provide relief to those effected by natural calamities. We do not perform social duties as obligation but consider it our responsibility to work for the well being of the society in general. We collect funds from various resources and invest them for developing hospitals and maintenance, developing research centers and dispensaries for promoting natural therapies.

ICHHAR also develops and maintains manufacturing laboratories of natural therapies / alternative medicines with required permits and licenses.

All activities carried out in our institutes and associate bodies are lawful.