A blend of ‘acupuncture’ and ‘pressure’ – acupressure works as a complimentary healing technique in which pressure is applied to particular points with the held of human hand or elbow, and other modern devices. Though scientific thinking refutes the healing capacity of acupressure as they profess disbelief in the existence of ‘meridians’, still acupressure has been in existence in Traditional Chinese Medicine practice for thousands of years.

Acupressure works by channelizing the meridian and restoring equilibrium to yin, yang, and chi. What are these? ‘Chi’ is considered to be the primary life force. Chinese medicine practices believe that our human body is regulated by the continuous outflow and inflow of positive energy. This positive energy flows through the body with the help of meridians. The meridians performs the task of distributing this energy to all vital organs. When the energy flow gets obstructed, we experience health ailments. Every organ is connected with meridian zone and any disruption dislocated the perfect balance. To restore the yin and yang, acupressure healing method is applied.

While studying acupressure courses, a student is taught about the history of acupressure and how to determine acupressure points and apply pressure. Once the blocked air path is rectified, positive energy begins to flow again, leading to the required perfect health balance.

How It Is Conducted?

Acupressure healing processes are often used in health spas as natural healing. After initial consultation with the patient and his problem, the person is made to lie down on a spread table. The massage therapy is conducted either in undressed state or by wearing clothes, in whichever state the person is comfortable with. Every acupressure session will leave you relaxed and stress free. It is worthwhile to mention that acupressure is a slow healing process; you need to have patience to see the wonder of acupressure.


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