Bach Flower Remedies

Noted conventional English physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach, developed the Bach Flower remedies during the 1930s. His concept was based on the fact that a person’s health or ill health is a result of the emotional and spiritual state of mind. If the emotional and spiritual state was corrected or balanced, the health problems will vanish away. In the purview of his flower remedies, he placed problems like depression, insomnia, and stress to be cured with his remedy. In his conception, illnesses were a result of the “contradiction between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s point of view”; and whenever there was disharmony in the person’s moods, it lead to physical diseases.

Development of the Remedies

The Bach flower remedies have no distinct taste or fragrance. In the process of making remedies, the fragrance dilutes as the final solution is a mixture of fifty person flower extract and 50 percent dilution with alcohol or water. Dr. Bach realized that while making the flower remedies, the healing or the energy of the flowers were transferred onto the solution, which was then transmitted to the user.

His Process

In the 1930s, Dr. Bach went to live in Oxfordshire, England where he conducted experiments with flowers healing abilities. During the years of his study, he identified or rather classified human emotions into seven categories with each categories containing a total of 38 negative sensations. This way he devised a total remedy of 38 emotions or problems. He had an unique system of assigning each plant with emotional state of mind. The system was based on intuitions. Whenever he felt negative emotion, he would hold his hand over other parts of plants (either the same or the other) and whichever plant alleviated his mood, he ascribed that plant as the cure for the previously felt negative emotion.

Researchers believe that each Bach flower remedy is intrinsically connected to particular vital body organs. The flower remedies have been proven to restore the balance between the disjunction of emotional state of mind and the physical body.

Choosing Flowers

Dr. Bach always believed in plucking early morning flowers when the dew was still settled on the petals. He would collect the dew drops and prepare mother tincture after mixing it with brandy. The mother tincture is not to be taken without dilution. Later, on realising that the dew drops were proving to be insufficient, he used to pluck the flowers, place them floating in a bowl of water, and then leave the bowl in the sunlight. Bach believed the sun rays that passed through the dews transferred the healing properties of the flower into the water. This water was then preserved in jars after mixing it with equal amount of alcohol.

Another method he used was of boiling the flowers in water. As with the previous method, this too entailed transference of the healing properties of the flower into the water through heating. After distillation and mixing with alcohol, it was stored in clean and air tight jars.

Currently, the Bach flowers remedy is not known to many. There are institutions like ICHHAR who provide Bach flower remedy courses but their prominence is not much due to the unscientific nature of the system. Nevertheless, Bach Flower remedy is really beneficial for those who have experienced its effects.


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