The chiropractic system of treatment was developed by D.D Palmer and B.J Palmer in the 1890s. Chiropractic treatments are more popular in Australia, Canada, and United States.

Chiropractic is the alternative medicine treatment for the human musculoskeletal system. In this, the therapist diagnoses and treats any spinal disorder specially.

The treatment is developed on the premise that musculoskeletal problems are one of the main reasons behind general health problems of the nervous system. A chiropractic therapist treatment works on manual therapy that involves manipulation of the spine, tissues, lifestyle counseling, exercises, and treatment of joints. It considers melatonin håndkøb subluxations (misalignment of spinal joints) as the major reason for all health problems.

There have been controversies surrounding chiropractic medicine. Therapist’s opinions are divided whether chiropractic can be included in the mainstream medicine. In the 1980s, the American Medical Association called it an “unscientific cult” but later abandoned the claim after losing an antitrust case. Research studies and experimentation on the basis of verifiable evidences have managed to reinstate chiropractic therapy as a much desired medical practice.

Regarding the safety of chiropractic treatment, there have been various claims. Some consider it to be safe; others associate grave risks with it. But the fact is, if patients get chiropractic treatment from trusted and experienced therapist, there is no potential harm in this method. There can be mild to moderate effects but serious complications are rare.

Currently, this profession enjoys its presence in more than hundred countries globally. I the States alone, each state have their license program. Chiropractors in USA have to complete a necessary higher level education of 6-8 hours before being granted license and post as a Doctor. There is a group of chiropractors who do not believe in the theory of subluxations and instead use chiropractic to cure only mild musculoskeletal problems – this school is identified as the Reform School.


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