Electro Homoeopathy

Electro homoeopathy is the science of treating health problems though the use of herbal medicines. This science believes that impurities or toxins are the prime reason for serious health problems. Therefore, what the herbs do is purify the blood from all toxins and reinstate the natural balance of body. In other herbs, it is the science of natural healing with the help of herbs, which purifies the blood levels to regain health.

The Electro Homoeopathy remedies were discovered by the Italian noble – Count Ceaser Mattei, under the guardianship of philosopher Paolo Costa. Mattei left his political world during the 1800s and completed devoted himself into the service for humanity. Between 1865 and 1867, Mattei conducted experiments with more than 20,000 people with electro homoeopathy and the results were astonishing.

The term Electro Homoeopathy is derived from three separate words:

– The first word ‘electro’ means energy or bio-energy matter extracted from plants and used to naturally treat patients. The herbal remedies containing the bio-energy matter attach themselves with any internal disturbance taking place in the body and seeks to remedy that. Basically, it deals with nervous disorders and organic tissue problems.

– The second word ‘homoeo’ means attaining the right balance between “lymphatic systems” and the blood flow. When the body has the correct balance of chemical and physical consistency, the human body enjoys the best health.

– The third word ‘pathy’ refers to treatment.

In totally, homoeopathy is the science of regaining the correct balance between the physical and chemical compositions in the human body. The association of ‘electro’ means using natural extracts from plants containing bio-energy matter for homoeopathic treatment and thus, the term ‘electro homoeopathy’ comes into existence.

There are 4 fundamental laws of Electro Homoeopathy –

1. Law of Similarity

2. Complex Remedies

3. Infinitesimal Dose

4. Selection of Remedy

Knowledge of all the four fundamental laws is essential for complete understanding of the natural treatment.

How do Electro Homoeopathy Work?

The electro homoeopathic remedies work on the body as a complete whole. It believes that unhealthy human body is more to health problems because their immune system turns vulnerable. Therefore, the remedies work on removing the disease from the root and rebuild the immune system.

The remedies derived from herbal extract work actively in remedying the complex health issues not just of the effected areas but the overall health system. When the body regains its equilibrium, the medicines won’t work further.

In all, the main advantage of electro homoeopathy is that there are absolutely no side effects. It’s safe and secure.


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