Herbal Medicine

The use of herbal medicines has been in existence since the ancient eras. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Harappan, Indus valley, and Chinese civilizations have given us evidence of the use of herbal medicines for health cure and treatment. One cannot pin point the exact time and year when the practice started but evidently, it goes back thousands of years.

For the interested, see recreated videos displayed by Discovery and National Geographic Channel teams, where the lifestyle of ‘cave men’ who existed many thousand years ago are brought alive on the screen. Herbs were used for burial practices and religious rites by ancient civilizations. On the basis of circumstantial and historical evidence, it can be said that herbal medicines and melatonin uk is one of the oldest form of treatment of alternative medicine.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine entails the use of herbs from plants. Branches, leaves, shoots, roots and others are all used as herbs. Some are extracted from plants and some are used in dried form. In India, the herbal medicine is commonly refereed to as “jaari-booti” by people. The herbal extracts are used to prevent, cure, and treat diseases and ailments. Most importantly, herbal medicines do not have any side effects.

It is only in the last three centuries that herbal medicines have returned to prominence on global scale.The industry / market for herbal medicines is huge. There are barely any problems non – curable by herbs. In fact, popular medicine like morphine is also derived from plants. Even cancer – the deadliest disease – can be controlled with herbal supplements.

The herbal medicine courses in India – both Degree and Diploma – are geared towards teaching students the benefits of herbal medicines and its proper use in modern medical practices.

Using Herbal Medicine

Using herbal medicine without consulting a herbalist can be unproductive as each herb has their medical use earmarked for them. Similarly, students of herbal medicines are taught the ancient wisdom of herbal healing properties, which they can use for the benefit of the masses. A thorough knowledge of ancient herbal medicines and practices is essential to become a herbalist.