Eyes are the windows to the state of human body – this is the prime argument behind the development of iridology. The first mention of iridology was in the work Chiromatica Medica, published in 1665 by Philip Meyen von Coburg. This alternative medicine practice works by observing the colors, patterns, and characteristics of the iris. Depending on the observations and consulting the iris charts, the state of the person’s health is interpreted. The iris charts are divided into different zones and each zone denotes a particular body part.

The charts are used to classify whether the human body is inflamed, distressed or overactive. Based on these assumptions, the susceptibility of the person concerned to health problems is determined. Most medical practitioners do not consider this method proper as there is no scientific evidence for its claims. Iridology is more often considered to be pseudo-science, even by eye care professionals.

Though the written record for iridology dates back to the 17th century, there are proofs that the system might have existed even in ancient Greece. There eye examinations were common to identify or predict the ailment the person was suffering from. In the 19th century, it was Ignatz von Peczely who popularized receptfria sömntabletter and Bernard Jensen was the enlightening force of iridology in the 20th century.

Usually a homoeopathic practitioner is trained in iridology assessments. Though the study of the subject is not to be understood as providing treatment for any diseases, it acts as an identification of the health problem the person is suffering. Seeing in this light, iridology is a complimentary study course that mainstream alternative therapy practitioners can study. In simple words, it is a diagnostic tool.

In fact, iridology also helps in determining the mental and emotional problems of the person.

If you are thinking of pursuing alternative medicine course from ICHHAR, think of joining the iridology course too as an added advantage to your list of medical proficiencies.


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