Magneto Therapy

Magneto therapy is a pseudo-scientific healing therapy which depends on the utilization of static magnetic fields for health benefit. In the recent years, magneto therapy has tuned to be hugely popular due to its advantages:

– No surgery involved

– No side effects

– No intake of medicine

– No pain / suffering involved

Practitioners of magneto therapy are still few in number as people qualified and dealing with magneto therapy is really handful. Often practitioners learn this therapy as a complimentary natural healing process to aid with other processes.

What Does Magneto Therapy Cure?

Till date, researches have found this therapy to cure completely or control the following ailments:

– Obesity

– Polio

– Diabetes

– Tumors

– Paralysis

– Poor Blood Circulation

– Eczema

– Migraines

– Arthritis

– Chronic Aches

– Sport Injuries

– Mental Deficiency

– Asthma

– Hypertension

– Terminally ill Patients

How Does Magneto Therapy Work?

With this therapy, the entire body metabolism is positively effected. It helps in proper blood circulation by oxygenation of blood. When magnets come in contact with the human body, it sends magnetic waves flowing down the tissues and veins. It reduces body swelling and increases the growth of red blood cells. magnetic waves brings down high blood pressure by normalizing the blood circulation and pressure levels with the help of ions present. However, magneto therapy should never be applied on pregnant women as it will affect the fetus negatively.

Three Precautions

– Never take cold shower after magnet therapy session

– Never eat anything after magnet therapy session

– Keep the magnet is safe and secure place, preferably covered in clean cloth

Magnet therapy products are available in the form of pillows, mattresses, rings, belts, necklaces, wraps, and bands. Use them according to your convenience. Apart from this, you can also select visiting a magnet therapist regularly for treatment. For instance, in weight loss treatment, a therapist marks particular points on the palm, places small magnets on the points, and to keep it in place applied mildly glued strips. One can keep this for a day or two and again change the magnets. In this procedure, one has to visit the therapist as a common person will not have idea about where to place the small magnets.

To become a professional in magneto therapy, one needs to complete magneto therapy courses from an accredited institute like ICHHAR. We provide holistic perspective on this therapy and offer degree and diploma courses on the same.


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