Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the process of applying pressure to the soft tissues or the superficial layers of muscles in the body for relaxation and promoting well being. Existing since the ancient times,massage therapies these days are hugely popular worldwide. Both manual and mechanical aids are used for massage and the target tissues includes ligaments, tendons, skin, lymphatic vessels, joints, and gastrointestinal organs.

Types of Massage Therapies

1. Acupressure – Traditional Chinese Medicine massage technique, a combination of acupuncture and pressure.
2. Anma – Japanese massage done with ‘kneading’ stance.
3. Ayurveda Massage – Done with the use of herbal oils extracted from plants and processed.
4. Balinese Massage – Done using hot stones, kneading, stroking, and skin folding.
5. Barefoot Deep Tissue – Done with pressure / compression provided to tissues with the help of heel.
6. Bowen Therapy – Developed by Tom Bowen, the process uses rolling movements for massage.
7. Esalen Massage – Developed by Charlotte Selver, massage works on the muscles and joints by gently rocking the body.
8. Champissage Massage – Focuses on balancing the ‘chakras’.
9. Breema – Floor massage with rhythmical leans and stretches.
10. Hilot – Traditional massage technique in Philippines; can even aid in inducing abortion and helping mothers give birth.
11. Reflexology -Works on the body reflexes to the massage therapies.
12. Shiatsu – Chinese massage technique using acupressure and stretching exercises.

These and many more exist world wide. In massage therapies, the person needs to be undressed otherwise it will be a hindrance to massage. Due to this reason, people often prefer massage therapist f the same sex. Just a chair, massage table, and massage equipment’s are sufficient. Massage is a great stress and a tension reliever.

People willing to learn massage therapy courses should enrol themselves with accredited institutions like ICHHAR. Knowing in detail the therapy of your choice is essential to help people relax and de-stress. In fact, people looking fr massage therapy relaxation should look for therapists who are certified in conducting massages. Without any initiation into massage therapy knowledge, it can lead to negative results. Only a professional should conduct massage therapies.


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