Physician Andrew Taylor Still was the founder of osteopathy. Foundation of osteopathy was the result of disillusionment with conventional medical practices on the part of Andrew Taylor during the American Civil War in the 1880s. He was an army surgeon and he lost most of his family to deadly diseases. The foundation for the first American School of Osteopathy was laid in 1982 and the British School of Osteopathy was developed by Andrew Taylor’s student Dr. Martin Littlejohn. Currently, this branch of alternative medicine is popular in the major world countries.

What is Osteopathy?

It is a medicinal system for healthcare developed on the assumption that the musculoskeletal system is the primary problem behind major health diseases. It was established that differences in the skeletal alignment and interference of muscle tissues was the major factor for increasing health problems.

In osteopathy, the human body is seen as an ‘unit’ and any disturbance in any part of the unit leads to serious problems. Due to centuries of evolution, the human body has developed the capability to defend itself but when there are musculoskeletal problems, the human defense slackens and becomes vulnerable to problems.

Both the terms – osteopathy and osteopathic medicine – are used synonymously. The World Osteopathic Health Organization and the Osteopathic International Alliance are two major international organizations dealing with osteopathy. Osteopathy teaching schools and medical universities, professional associations and all statutory regulations are governed by these two organizations. The osteopaths are considered at par with other primary medical healthcare professionals and they are never subordinated with respect to other branches of medical treatment practices.

Osteopathy uses both manual and physical stimulations to act as intervention in the treatment process. It is a complementary branch of medicine and melatonin uk and provides a holistic approach for treatment. The treatments enhance the recuperative powers of the human body and deals with treatment of the musculoskeletal system – joints, bones, and muscles.

In the United States, all osteopaths have medical license but this is not the case with other countries. Osteopathy physicians in other countries are conferred separate degrees for pursuing the course and in some cases; they do not have the power to administer or advice medicines for treatment.

Osteopathy is probably the best treatment for bone problems. At the International Center for Holistic Healing and Allied Research, we provide the best course to make students learn the art of treating osteopathy patients.


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