Reiki Healing

Reiki was developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in the year 1922. It’s a spiritual practice that compliments alternative medicine. This works on the premise of transference of healing energy or power from one person to another. Some medical professionals also refer to this as ‘oriental medicine’ solely.

Currently, there are two branches of Reiki Therapy, each branch containing three levels of teaching. The main branches are – Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki.

The three levels are:

First Degree – In this, the practitioner is taught to heal himself as well as other.
Second Degree – In this, the practitioners use specialized healing symbols to heal others from a distance; therefore, also known as ‘distant healing’.
Third Degree – In this, the Master is able to teach others Reiki.

In short, Reiki creates an atmosphere of “mysterious feeling” and leads the person to a level of “spiritual fulfillment”. Reiki healing helps a person to relax and reduces stress effectively. Reiki teachings believe that ‘energy’ or ‘chi’ is at the core level and all organisms are surrounded by energy, also known as ‘life force’. In reiki treatment, mind plays a major role for channelising the energy towards the person concerned.

It is believed that when the human body is low in energy level, it is more indefensible towards health problems. Across all cultures, this is the general belief that the human body shares an invisible connection or bond with ‘chi’ and it is necessary to keep the ‘chi’ level in perfect equilibrium to enjoy healthy state of body and mind.

What a Reiki practitioner does is channelise the positive energy to his patient through his hands. The process begins by breaking down the chain of negative energy and infusing the place with positive energy.

There is no eligibility criterion for studying Reiki healing. In earlier times, the proficiency for Reiki healing was passed on by a master to his / her student. Probably the practice continues even today but there are several schools also that teach holistic reiki healing to students. Anybody can learn reiki, irrespective of age and gender.

Reiki healing takes into consideration the working state of body, mind and spirit. Some exponents also refer to reiki therapy as “supernatural knowledge” or “spiritual consciousness”.

An experienced and expert reiki healer will help you in healing several health problems.


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