Yoga Therapy

Health care treatment that combines the age old concepts with modern medical knowledge and psychological understanding of how the human mind works is known as ‘yoga therapy’. Yoga therapy cures human indisposition and creates perfect balance between the mind and the body. Generally, the therapy uses six steps to attain overall well being. These are:

Right Posture (Asanas)
Right Breathing (Pranayama)
Right Cleansing (Kriyas)
Right Diet
Right Relaxation (Shavasana)
Right Meditation

Every yoga therapy session works towards all the six steps consistently and thus helps getting rid of psychosomatic disorders.

What Does Yoga Therapy Cure?

As an alternative medicine practice, yoga therapy bring peace of mind and relaxes the person. Psychological problems like depression and post traumatic stress are well cure through yoga. For working professionals, doing meditation or pranayama helps in relaxing the body muscles and relieves you of stress. Yoga therapy works wonders in creating balanced emotional and mental level; the balance can be maintained with consistent yoga practice. Yoga sessions can be performed one – on – one with yoga therapist or through group yoga sessions given by the therapist. Alternatively, a practitioner can opt to perform yoga at home. In this case, a practitioner should know the know – how of each ‘asana’ or technique perfectly. Any wrong movement or breathing exercise problem will produce nil results or negative repercussion. Knowing the correct posture is thus utmost essential.


Many countries do not have provision for receiving yoga certifications that will recognize a therapist as legitimate in yoga practice. Due to this one can never be sure whether the claimed therapist has actually any credible certifications or otherwise. To remove this gap between skilled and non – skilled yoga therapy practitioners, this yoga therapy institute in India provides degree, diploma, and small term certification courses to its students. Armed with our course, students can begin with their own private practice as therapist or associate themselves with health care centers and hospitals to provide holistic treatment though yoga.

Never underestimate the power of yoga therapy. It takes care of the entire spectrum of physical and emotional problems. With persistent practice, yoga will help in restoring mental balance, bring back the vigour and vitality of living, and absolutely enhance one’s perspective of viewing life.


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